Thursday, July 31, 2008

60 Year Anniversary Poem

I was in charge of making my grandparent's 60th anniversary party programs. I wanted to use a picture of them when they began and a picture 60 years later. So I had to have a "filler" I spent countless hours of looking for the perfect scripture or poem SOMETHING that would work. I got so fed up that I wrote my own. SO I'm posting it for those that are looking for that perfect 60th anniversary poem--I have one :) And then I added a link to Youtube so you can see my little Rhea sing, at the request of my Grandy, at the celebration. BTW--my favorite quote at this event was from my Papa. "Sixty years is a long time, but divorce never once came to mind ever....murder a couple of times, but NEVER divorce." They were so precious! For more pictures and music go to my facebook-


They say 60 years is a diamond event,
How true it must be,
For a diamond is the rarest of all stones,
The most pleasing for the eye to see.

Although diamonds occur naturally,
Through pain and fire it must go.
As like 60 years together,
It comes out with a shiny glow.

The diamond is solid,
And the hardest rock on earth,
Will withstand the harshest of elements,
And holds the highest worth.

It is easy to see why the diamond
Represents 60 years of love,
A precious union ordained
By the Lord God above.

Thank you for being our diamond
Mom, Dad, Grandy, Pa,
You have begun a beautiful legacy
And have set the goal high for all.

And here is my little rhea-- If I were a butterfly

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Karen said...

Hey, now we can add poet laureate to all your attributes! good job!mom